What We Do

Professional Group

Today, high-income professionals and your families face an increasingly complex set of concerns – from managing the impact of taxes each year to considering how your financial legacy will be passed from one generation to the next. We can help organize your financial life, meet your challenges and pursue your goals by creating comprehensive wealth plans designed to address the demands you face and capitalize on your opportunities. Our dedicated team can offer you tax services, family office support, estate and trust planning, and more.

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Our Client Services Capabilities

Fund Accounting

  • Our team can monitor individual scholarship accounts.
  • We can write checks and make payments on your behalf.

Wealth and Estate Planning

  • We can develop strategies to help you take advantage of maximum transfer exemption amounts.
  • We can assist with will and trust planning and document preparation, including transfer of residences using personal residence trusts.
  • We can assist with the use of Family Limited Partnership Structures, to help you plan to maintain control while shifting wealth.
  • We provide valuation assistance as needed for transfer reporting and documentation.
  • We can offer guidance on life insurance and the use of irrevocable life insurance trusts.

Tax Planning

  • We can assist with the preparation of tax returns for all levels of government.
  • We can work with you to develop a proactive tax reduction strategy.
  • Our team can provide representation before tax authorities as needed.
  • We can coordinate with your employer and financial advisor regarding timing of investment gains, bonuses, guaranteed salary payments, etc.

Real Estate and Risk Management

  • We offer assistance in contract negotiations.
  • Our team can assess and assist with insurance and risk management strategies.
  • We can assist with the implementation of an investment management strategy.

We can also offer expertise in a variety of other areas, including retirement planning, 1031 exchanges of “like kind” property, business entity structuring and tax deferral transactions.