AMBition Award

The AMBition award is a monthly recognition for one team member that demonstrates AMBition by going above and beyond the typical call of duty in service to our customers. At AMB, we pride ourselves in adding top talent that makes us all stronger. We encourage you to learn more about a possible Career at AMB.

Award Winner Summary

Maranda Quigg is the definition of a team player. Maranda is a Wealth Associate with ambwealth and has consistently gone above and beyond for the Company. When asked to support new wealth advisors, she did so without hesitation. She decided to become licensed with her own initiative.

Maranda has been nominated for this award multiple times this year.  Specifically, one of her colleagues notes that Maranda’s consistency with the team and seamless transitions while maintaining excellent support for clients demonstrates the kind of AMBition worthy of this award. She is also knowledgeable about all technology at the
Company and is a frequent early adopter.

Maranda is worthy of this month’s AMBition Award as she continuously takes the initiative without direction and helps build a stronger organization and culture.