AMBition Award

The AMBition award is a monthly recognition for one team member that demonstrates AMBition by going above and beyond the typical call of duty in service to our customers. At AMB, we pride ourselves in adding top talent that makes us all stronger. We encourage you to learn more about a possible Career at AMB.

Award Winner Summary

Kari has been a dedicated team member of AMB for almost 7 years. She is a domain expert in several facets of our business and is also known to be the office whiz on smart station and wealth advisory operations. She has gone above and beyond in the service of our clients.

Recently, we had two large model equity holdings announce spinoffs.  A spinoff causes a reorganization of the shares related to the activity.  Due to these announcements, we had approximately 550 affected accounts that required reconciliation.  Selflessly, Kari spent an entire weekend manually reconciling all of the accounts.  It was quite a task to say the least.  She displayed dedication and persistence in assisting our clients with this challenge, making Kari highly deserving of the AMBition Award this month.