Wealth Management

Because your wealth is greater than the sum of its parts, we take a comprehensive approach to helping you manage it, dissecting all aspects of your assets, accounts, portfolios and other holdings in order to develop prudent growth and preservation strategies.

We offer a dedicated analytical team, a variety of investment disciplines in house, three dynamic model portfolios with favorable track records and a full spectrum of services – including, asset allocation, investment selection, personalized performance monitoring and reporting, alternative assets and private equity solutions, and more – to help meet the complex needs of successful families, executives, governments, municipalities and professional athletes.

Our wealth management capabilities include:

Wealth Management Process

To help you define and achieve your long-term financial goals, we follow a comprehensive five-step process designed to help us get to know you and your objectives.

  • Develop a clear understanding of who you are and define your goals
  • Conduct thorough analysis with the use of a strong, well diverse financial team
  • Work with senior management to tailor specific strategies given the current market and client risk tolerance
  • Execute strategies and report in a timely manner to ensure client involvement in the process
  • Monitor account performance and report results against appropriate indices and client goals

Investment Process

To address your growth and preservation needs, we take two approaches to investing that emphasize prudent strategy and team collaboration to help build an investment plan that makes sense for you.

Our equity and fixed income portfolio construction processes are based on a combined top-down, bottom-up selection process, utilizing research from investment partners while stressing team collaboration regarding market movements and fiscal issues.

Our Equity Investment Process

AMB’s equity portfolio construction process is based on a combined top-down, bottom-up stock selection process, utilizing research from investment partners, while stressing a team collaboration regarding markets and fiscal issues.


Our Fixed Income Investment Process

AMB’s fixed income portfolio construction process is based on a top-down, bottom-up bond selection approach, utilizing research from investment partners,  while stressing a team collaboration regarding markets and fiscal issues.


Model Portfolios

Since our founding, we have believed in differentiating ourselves from regional advisory firms by creating and implementing our own model portfolios and proprietary investment disciplines, driven by sound investment strategy and, more important, your needs.

AMB Model

AMB's Model seeks capital appreciation and income with an emphasis on sector allocation, by selecting the strongest stocks in the strongest sector groups. The investment stragtegy is not governed by traditional investment boundaries such as growth, income, or large cap. The portfolio has the flexibility to invest in Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) and American Depository Receipts (ADRs) and may use cash to mitigate risk in the markets.

AMB Core Equity Model

AMB's Core Equity Model seeks to provide long term capital growth by investing in domestic stocks that appear to offer superior opportunities for growth of capital. The core exposure in equities blends value and growth styles of large cap stocks. The portfolio has the flexibility to overweight sectors believed to outperform the index. The construction of the portfolio is based on top down approach.

AMB Dividend Model

AMB's Dividend Model seeks equities with sustainable dividends of more than 3%, with a primary goal of 5% or greater. A good response to extremely low interest rate environments for investors requiring more income generated by an account. Since inception of the portfolio, turnover has been very low.

AMB Growth Income Model

AMB's Growth Income Model has a heavy emphasis on a company's free cash flow as well as dividend policy. The portfolio has the ability to invest in large cap stocks of both domestic and internation equities. Equity portfolio construction is based on a top down process, and has the flexibility to overweight or underweight sectors based on the overall market outlook.

Alternative Assets

We offer risk-managed real estate investments through the Madison family of funds, sponsored by AMB. Madison Fund partners with The Shoptaw Group, an Atlanta-based private equity firm, in acquiring southeastern multi-family real estate.

We also offer personalized oversight and review of our clients’ existing alternative investment portfolios.