At AMB, we provide financial services with a different value proposition. We work with clients to whom we dedicate our full attention and resources, developing long-term relationships. Our specialty is relationships, with customization and a one-to-one service.

We utilize some of the most sophisticated tools and techniques the financial services industry has to offer, providing a wide array of focused services from wealth preservation for individuals and families to corporate finance and strategic advice to corporations.

It’s our mission to create a customized, long-term success plan for you and your business. Discover the difference of AMB.

Cathy Mooney

AMB honors the life of
Cathy Pinson Mooney

The beloved wife of AMB’s co-founder, Richard Mooney, passed away on March 23rd. Cathy was an inspiration to those who knew her, and she has left her mark on the Thomasville community for her many contributions to its legacy. She was a longtime friend and supporter of the firm. Please keep Cathy and the Mooney family in your thoughts and prayers.