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In Memory

It is with profound sadness to report that, Clay Sewell, our beloved colleague, passed away on December 14, 2020. A creative CPA, Clay was Senior Vice President of AMB Professional Group LLC and was instrumental in the early plans for the division’s new home adjacent to AMB offices.

Clay’s life was marked with devotion to his loving family and to his great community. He possessed a remarkable passion for service to his clients in a welcoming and caring environment that he cultivated. His vision and tenacity helped solidify the foundation for the success of AMB Professional Group LLC. We will be forever grateful for the mark that Clay Sewell leaves on our firm and on each of us, his colleagues and friends.

Photo of Clay Sewell, standing holding a book and looking at the camera smiling

In recognition of his strong faith and his quiet generosity, the family has chosen the All Saints Episcopal Church’s ECW, supporting local women and children, to receive memorials to Clay’s life.